12055 Coursey Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA

12055 Coursey Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA

What is Bemer®?

The Bemer device sends pulses of electromagnetic energy through your body. Electromagnetic energy is a type of energy that can’t be seen or felt, but it can have effects on the body.

The pulses from the Bemer increase blood flow in tiny blood vessels called capillaries. Capillaries are very small, thinner than a hair! When blood flows better through the capillaries, it helps bring more oxygen and nutrients to the cells in your body. Cells are the tiny building blocks that make up your body.

The increased blood and oxygen help your cells work better and gives you more energy. It also helps remove waste and toxins from your cells. Some people say the Bemer makes them feel less tired and sore and helps them sleep better. The Bemer addresses and heals sickness, post procedure healing.

The Bemer is safe and doesn’t hurt at all. You just lie on a mat that the electromagnetic pulses go through. It’s a gentle treatment that takes about 8-12 minutes. The electromagnetic energy pulses stimulate your body’s own healing process.

How we use Bemer®

  • ADHD                                                                    Wound healing.
  • Muscle/ ligament/ bone pain                       Post procedure
  • Arthritis                                                                Blood Pressure
  • Edema                                                                  Thyroid
  • Stress                                                                    Migraine

What to expect

The Bemer machine has a body size pad that you lie or sit on. The pad sends gentle pulses into your body that feel like a soft buzzing. It doesn’t hurt at all. It feels relaxing, like a light massage.  Most if not, all fall asleep during.  After your initial consultation, our staff will educate and train you in the use of the Bemer.  Each session lasts 25 minutes.   Treatments are on monthly plans.

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I have been seeing Dr. Karin since she opened over 15 years ago…I haven’t needed a traditional doctor in all that time.

Stirling Nagura

What Happens at My Appointment?

This testing is thorough, non-invasive, and painless.


What Happens at My Appointment? This testing is thorough, non-invasive, and painless. 1. FILL OUT INFO Fill out our intake paperwork with your top health concerns or goals. ​ Want to get started? Complete the form below.

2. Scanning

We'll spend 25 minutes with you running four bio-energetic scans to compare as well as an F-Scan. You'll sit comfortably with water to stay hydrated.


Next, you'll meet with Dr. Karin to discuss your top health concerns and/or goals. She'll explain the technology and how we operate as an integrative practice using energetic responses to determine what is stressing the body to create your 60-day customized protocol.


You'll dive into reading and understanding your personal Bach Flower remedy report while Dr. Karin reviews all the scans.


Dr. Karin will share what patterns are showing up the most in the scans, review any toxins that are of concern, and go over the supplement protocol. A color report explains each supplement. Lifestyle changes and therapies may also be recommended.

6. visit our pharmacy

Our client care specialist will go over your dosage sheet explaining how and when to take your supplements. You'll receive your personal Bach Flower Remedy plus supplements.




Before you leave we’ll choose a date 60 days out that works for you for a follow-up. That’s because your body will begin to shift and eventually plateau and we don’t want you to stay in that state for long. And, it’s exciting to see how your body is changing on a regular basis! When there is a good shift the next appointment will be 90 days out, then 4 months, and eventually 6 months.

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