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Photobiomodulation is using light to help heal and improve the body. Our bodies need light to work properly, just like plants need sunlight to grow. There are special lights called LEDs that can shine certain colors of light onto the skin. The light energy gets absorbed by cells underneath the skin. This helps wake up the cells and makes them work better. It’s like giving the cells a healthy boost of energy!

Here at Bio Wellness Center, we use photobiomodulation lights to help treat things like pain, inflammation, and injuries. The light energy can reduce swelling, ease aches, and speed up healing. It’s a very gentle treatment that doesn’t hurt at all. The lights are shone right onto the skin for a few minutes at a time. Some people describe it as feeling pleasantly warm and tingly.

Photobiomodulation is kind of like photosynthesis for the body! Just as plants use sunlight to grow strong, the cells in our body can use specific colors of light to grow healthier too. The light gives our cells more energy to do their jobs and mend damage. So photobiomodulation helps recharge and repair the body in a natural way.


Your body is amazing and can heal itself from many things! But sometimes your cells need a little extra boost to speed up the process. Photobiomodulation therapy is like giving your body a superpower to heal faster!

Here are some reasons we might suggest you try photobiomodulation:

  • You have pain that won’t go away – The light therapy can reduce aches and pains by calming down inflammation.
  • You have an injury that is healing slowly – The lights deliver energy to help repair damaged tissues and nerves.
  • You have a rash or infection – The light can help clear up skin conditions by killing bacteria.
  • You feel tired and sluggish – The therapy re-energizes cells to reduce fatigue.
  • You have swollen joints – The light decreases inflammation that causes joint swelling.
  • You have nerve damage – The lights help regenerate nerves.
  • You have a weakened immune system – The therapy gives immune cells a boost.

The photobiomodulation light is gentle but powerful. It supercharges your cells so your body can heal itself faster than on its own. The light provides energy that allows your body to repair damage and recover from illness or injury.

This safe, drug-free therapy can give you an extra healing edge! It’s like charging a phone battery – your cells get re-powered to work better. Give us a call today to see if photobiomodulation is right for you.


The machine we use for photobiomodulation is called the “Firefly” and it looks kind of like a laser gun from a sci-fi movie. But don’t worry, it doesn’t shoot any lasers. It’s just delivering helpful light to your body.

The machine has a handheld wand attached that the doctor points at the area of your body needing treatment. The tip of the wand has bright, colorful LED lights inside. These lights shine directly onto your skin.

When the doctor turns on the machine, you’ll feel a gentle beam of warm, red or near-infrared light. It doesn’t hurt at all – in fact, most people say it feels soothing, like the warmth of the sun.

The doctor will hold the wand a few inches from your body and slowly move it around. They are aiming the light over the entire area that needs healing. This usually only takes a few minutes.

As the light shines on your skin, it is sending energy into your cells right below the surface. Imagine the light beams charging up your cells like a video game power-up. This helps wake up your cells and get them working better.

You might start feeling some tingling or heat as your cells absorb the light energy. This means the therapy is working! Photobiomodulation is triggering your body’s natural healing systems.

The session is quick, painless, and drug-free. We may have you do several sessions per week until your condition improves. After getting “charged up” with these lights, your body will be stronger and better able to heal itself!

I have been seeing Dr. Karin since she opened over 15 years ago…I haven’t needed a traditional doctor in all that time.

Stirling Nagura

What Happens at My Appointment?

This testing is thorough, non-invasive, and painless.


What Happens at My Appointment? This testing is thorough, non-invasive, and painless. 1. FILL OUT INFO Fill out our intake paperwork with your top health concerns or goals. ​ Want to get started? Complete the form below.

2. Scanning

We'll spend 25 minutes with you running four bio-energetic scans to compare as well as an F-Scan. You'll sit comfortably with water to stay hydrated.


Next, you'll meet with Dr. Karin to discuss your top health concerns and/or goals. She'll explain the technology and how we operate as an integrative practice using energetic responses to determine what is stressing the body to create your 60-day customized protocol.


You'll dive into reading and understanding your personal Bach Flower remedy report while Dr. Karin reviews all the scans.


Dr. Karin will share what patterns are showing up the most in the scans, review any toxins that are of concern, and go over the supplement protocol. A color report explains each supplement. Lifestyle changes and therapies may also be recommended.

6. visit our pharmacy

Our client care specialist will go over your dosage sheet explaining how and when to take your supplements. You'll receive your personal Bach Flower Remedy plus supplements.




Before you leave we’ll choose a date 60 days out that works for you for a follow-up. That’s because your body will begin to shift and eventually plateau and we don’t want you to stay in that state for long. And, it’s exciting to see how your body is changing on a regular basis! When there is a good shift the next appointment will be 90 days out, then 4 months, and eventually 6 months.

Call 225-229-6107 to book this service or consider our Super Start Plan.