12055 Coursey Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA

12055 Coursey Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA

Frequently Asked Questions

What is naturopathic medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is a profession of health-care that combines both nature and modern medicine. Our focus is on whole patient wellness by addressing the underlying cause of your problem. Natural healing utilizes natural herbs, enzymes and compounds which support normal cellular DNA and genetic recovery, whereas typical drugs only suppress the symptoms.

What makes naturopathic treatments different from typical treatments?

Naturopathic treatments use all-natural substances (enzymes, minerals, and vitamins), which have hundreds of receptor sites that create normal healthy cell function. Pharmaceuticals have one receptor site for one particular output. By combining three different vitamins, you can influence and heal a variety of health issues. For example, Vitamin C (to restore normal function with raspatory, sinuses, heart and muscular/bone pain), Enzymes (for organ/gland functions such as thyroid, parathyroid, anterior pituitary, pancreas, and gallbladder), and Minerals (helping with arteritis, ligaments, digestive, muscular, ringing in the ears, etc.).

How long does it take for me to start seeing progress in my health?

We typically see significant cellular changes in between three days and two weeks.

Can naturopathic treatment help me lose weight?

Yes, by investigating the root cause of the weight gain, naturopathic treatment can be used to lose weight. Cell metabolism can be reduced by thyroid dysfunction, gallbladder dysfunction, liver dysfunction, or small/large intestine inflammation/parasitic invasion. Your typical treatment (Allopathic) is to increase cell metabolism by prescribed metabolic drugs. After you cease usage of these drugs, your weight typically comes back. Thus, the prescription drugs were not treating the root cause of your weight gain.  

Can naturopathic treatment help high blood pressure?

Yes, by understanding the root cause of your high blood pressure, we can correct your ulterior arteries, veins, and kidneys. With a tailored diet, vascular enzymes, and minerals, we can help you to lower your high blood pressure.

Can naturopathic treatment help diabetes?

Yes, naturopathic medicine can help diabetes by addressing the hormonal imbalance of insulin, amylase, lipase, and supporting the pancreas through proper nutrition, diet and enzymes.

Will my medical insurance cover naturopathic treatment?

No. Medical insurance dictates your health-care by the means of controlling your substance (drugs) via your policy coverage. Therefore, you are limited in your care to resolve and conquer your disease. You will be placed on medication indefinitely without removing/treating the root cause, which in turn creates more problems. With the insurance being your primary care physician and this understanding, the treatment is not controlled by your physician, but rather the tier of your policy. So, we choose not to restrict your treatment options on the road to recovery.  

As an example – have you ever gone to your physician and were denied/altered the best course of drug/procedure to be steered in a direction to “best fit your policy”? Which then leads you towards having a variety of drugs prescribed that were originally intended to help remove the issue. Now you are taking a plethora of drugs to help remove the symptoms of the original drug.

How should I maintain my health after treatment is done?

By becoming a part of our lifetime wellness program. We will create a specific plan tailored to you to assure that your body can maintain its peak performance, which is possible with regular routine visits.