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12055 Coursey Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA

Allopathic Medicine

What is allopathic medicine

Everyone is very familiar with MD/allopathic medicine, but may not have a good understanding of how treatment works. The definition of allopathic medicine is to combat an issue by using remedies such as drugs or surgery which produces an effect that are different or incompatible with those of the disease that’s being treated, Webster Dictionary. Stedman’s Medical\Dictionary call allopathic medicine “a therapeutic system in which a disease is treated by producing a second condition which is incompatible with or antagonistic to the first”.  Allopathic is treating the symptom and not thoroughly understanding how or what caused the cell to become sick.

Allopathic medicine is very good when the body is acutely injured, or when it is in crisis. If I have a broken arm, a cast is applied. If I have an acute inflammation of my appendix, it would be a good idea to remove the offending organ surgically before it ruptures. If I am dying of bacterial pneumonia, antibiotics may save my life.

Allopathic Medicine - Baton Rouge

For example, we develop pneumonia, we develop severe physical dysfunction from the invading bacteria and the dying tissue causing labored breathing, fever, mucus, coughing, high blood pressure, poor CO2 exchange and a few other conditions. The treatment would be pharmaceutical antibodies, steroids, and respirators. Symptoms are reversed and doing better. However, when the acute crisis has passed, who wants to live the rest of their days on a respirator, or taking steroid medication to suppress the inflammation symptoms? Side effects begin to outweigh the benefits.  

Allopathic medicine is not geared at detecting imbalance of the cell or the genetic function problems. Allopathic medicine is beginning to discover that people with the same genetic inheritance will manifest a disease or diseases in different ways. Angelman and Wille-Prader syndromes are both due to the same microdeletion on chromosome 15. The differences in expression are the uptake of enzymes, minerals, and cofactors expressions that cannot be controlled by drugs to flip genetic switches on or off. This may be complex for the pharmaceutically, but innately with the proper natural enzyme, minerals and protein the body can regenerate itself. 

In Allopathic medicine, its major contribution is to crisis medicine, where it is most often very effective. 

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